earning your vote on November 6


Hi, I'm Diana!

As a fourth-generation Idahoan, mother, and dedicated public servant, my love for this community runs deep. I know why Ada County is a great place to live and work, but also know concrete ways our county government could better serve us all.

I am Ada County born-and-raised. My grandfather came to Boise from the Basque country as a teenager and, though he had nothing, was able to build a life, successful business, and family here. That family carries his work ethic and passion for this community today, and I am inspired by his legacy as I raise two Basque-American boys of my own.

As director of community partnerships for the City of Boise, I work on proactive solutions that benefit all residents, with focus on children, veterans, those experiencing homelessness, refugees and the elderly. I’m a proven problem-solver and strategic thinker with a solid track record of bringing community leaders together to tackle our toughest challenges. It was this work that inspired me to seek public office for the first time: after observing Ada County leaders in action and finding their leadership on pressing challenges to be lacking, I decided it was time to step up to the plate!

Both in work and my spare time, I’m passionate about improving quality of life for people in this community. I’m a United Way of Treasure Valley board member, Treasure Valley Education Partnership core team member, a member of the Neighbors United planning team, Energize Our Neighborhood strategic leadership team, a Regional Housing and Homelessness Roundtable leader, and a Boiseko Gazteak (Children’s Basque Dancing) teacher.


Smart + Sustainable Growth

Regardless of their political affiliation, Ada County residents are worried about growth, preserving our open spaces and protecting our quality of life.
Our unprecedented growth presents exciting opportunities fraught with some real challenges. Today’s decisions will have lasting impact on every generation that follows, and we need leaders who take that charge seriously. 

Ada County is currently one of the fastest growing geographic areas in the country, and in order to keep our community livable, connected, and thriving, our commissioners should be leading on a valley-wide comprehensive plan for good growth. Ten years ago, a regional plan was attempted for our valley and, sadly, fell apart. I’m ready to take up that cause, and bringing stakeholders to the table for the development of a comprehensive, county-wide plan for sustainable, smart growth will be my first priority as commissioner

Fiscal Responsibility + Future-Thinking

Your tax dollars should never be wasted on inefficient systems and outdated solutions. As commissioner, I pledge to think creatively, use resources wisely, and make choices that save the taxpayers money in the long term. As the saying goes: better to fix the roof while the sun is shining. Modest investments in forward-thinking, proactive solutions are essential to avoid more expensive, more complicated, and more difficult to solve problems down the road. Ada County government has the opportunity to lead, and I intend to ensure that happens.

Moreover, I will never waste taxpayer money on illegal firings, political grudges, and partisan nonsense. I have a track record of proactive, focused, and determined problem-solving. My aim is to participate in ethical, transparent, and diligent government that truly charts the way to a better, move livable community.

Real Solutions
for Addiction Crisis 

Thousands of Treasure Valley families are being impacted by the opioid crisis, an issue that must be treated with urgency instead of lip service. Year over year, the number of opioid deaths has quadrupled in our community- a trend we can't afford to ignore. The financial impact of addiction falls squarely on county taxpayers in emergency rooms, hospitals and, too often, our overcrowded county jail. Despite this, Ada County leadership regularly threatens to revoke funding for critical services like Allumbaugh House, the detox and mental health crisis center that affordably serves hundreds of county residents who would otherwise end up in the ER or jail.

As demonstrated by my work on Allumbaugh House, affordable housing for veterans, and homelessness, I know how to bring regional leaders to the table to tackle our toughest challenges, and I pledge to leverage these relationships and resources to immediately address this particular public health emergency.